Aye Shawty Shawty .

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So handsome. ♥

Anonymous asked: Uhmm.. how is clark related 2 Mahomies? <3

Is a BIG Friend from Austin ;D LMFAO

mccannbiebs asked: Austin: "Gonna go see Big Ben!" Mahomies: "woah! Alex is with you!? Lmao!" Do you get it?? :P

HAHAHAHHA OMG ;D I got it :D hahahahahahhaha


Who has Instagram follow me i follow back :D my name  > @ Undercover_h :DD

Anonymous asked: Where did 'CLARK' COME FROM? who made it..? DOES AUSTIN KNO?

It come froom us Mahomies and idk if he know it but Frankie knows it :D

Anonymous asked: whos clark? please explain, im a new mahomie! :(

How should i explain you , ehm its a very big friend from austin :D ehm awkward hahah :D Its Like Justin = Jerry and Austin= Clark :D u know what ?! I’M really bad in explain things :DD

Only Mahomies understand ;D